HEPA filters

To qualify as HEPA, an air filter must remove (from the air that passes through) 99.97% of particles that have a size of 0.3 µm³.

These filters are designed to remove and capture airborne particles such as: bacteria, spores, pollen, viruses, radioactive and a variety of other undesirable contaminants.


HEPA filters are almost exclusively used in medical, laboratory and commercial applications where totally clean air environments are required for human health and safety.
We supply HEPA filters of any size with MDF, ALU profile, ALU sheet or galvanized sheet frames.

Most common standard sizes are always available strait from our stock.

Standard sizes of HEPA filters

Width x Hight x  Depth mm
305x305x78 305x305x150 305x305x292
305x610x78 305x610x150 305x610x292
457x457x78 457x457x150 457x457x292
535x535x78 535x535x150 535x535x292
575x575x78 575x575x150 575x575x292
610x610x78 610x610x150 610x610x292
762x610x78 762x610x150 762x610x292
915x610x78 915x610x150 915x610x292
915x915x78 915x915x150 915x915x292
1220x610x78 1220x610x150 1220x610x292

HEPA filter classes according to EN1822 standard

HEPA class retention (total) retention (local)
E10 > 85% ---
E11 > 95% ---
E12 > 99.5% ---
H13 > 99.95% > 99.75%
H14 > 99.995% > 99.975%
U15 > 99.9995% > 99.9975%
U16 > 99.99995% > 99.99975%
U17 > 99.999995% > 99.9999%