Activated carbon catridges

Activated carbon filters shell be used for air filtration of undesirable odors, chemical compounds, solvents and others pollutants.

Main areas of application:
Exhaust from paint shops and spraying booths and from welding units, exhaust from waste water treatment plants, exhaust from nuclear power plants, adsorption of harmful pollutants in the chemical and electronic industry, intake into airport and station halls, removal of odour from kitchens, meat production, intake and exhaust from operating rooms, intensive care units and clean rooms, production of electronics and other areas with occurrence of harmful gases or odour that must be removed – meeting rooms, museums, hospitals, laboratories, computer rooms, printing rooms, filling stations, car parks and garages.


We supply activated carbon cartridges of standard sizes. Cartridges can be made of plastic, galvanized steel or stainless steel.

ØxL mm Capacity l AC weight kg AC layer mm min contact duration
max air volume
loss by
Max temperature ºC Max humidity
145x250 2,9 1,07 26 0,10 100 80 Pa 60 70
145x450 4,3 2,0 26 0,10 150 80 Pa 60 70
145x600 5,7 2,65 26 0,10 200 80 Pa 60 70

Cartridges can be easily mounted in a special frame made off galvanized or stainless steel.

BxHxL mm Number of cartridges
610x610x75 16
305x610x75 8
305x305x75 4

Other sizes upon request

Activated carbon cartridges